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Hans Erling speaks at Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid City
, South Dakota
January 27, 2017 – About Europe

Short speech in Nyhavn, Denmark, about the Sinjar genocide
February 2016 – For Frihet

Hans Erling initiated this film by CBN 2016 about the Yazidies who fled from ISIS to Germany helped by the Hatune Foundation.

RT Documentary visits Sweden 2018 to make a follow up on their 2016 visit. The crew are among other things visiting Hans Erling Jensen and his family during their \”state of the nation\” research.


CBN, May 20, 2016

Hans Erling Jensen, international director of the Hatune Foundation, says the U.N. only cares for about 10 percent of the refugees in the Middle East. \”All others, 90 percent, that\’s maybe three to four million are living outside left to themselves\” 
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New York Post, Middle East Forum & Breaking Israel News (a.o)
August 20, 2015
Hans Erling Jensen says: “They have all been raped, sold as slaves countless times . . . Our long-term goal is to offer them security and comfort in life.\” 
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Front Page Magazine (Interview)
October 2015 – \’Phyllis Chesler\’
\”Our prime minister did not give in. No apologies for the Muhammed cartoons. I and many other Scandinavians realized that freedom of speech was seriously under siege, and that the time had come to stand up for our birth-given freedom.\”
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