Hans Erling Jensen - Chair of Bona Fortuna International

“I believe in the power of knowledge, the knowledge how to grow a field, how to build a boat or a house or repair a car – it’s the sort of lessons that provide food on the table, shelter over one’s head and provide humans with life’s necessities.”

I am the chairman of Bona Fortuna International, a small aid organization supporting orphans and a school in Kathmandu and helping persecuted Christians in Asia and the Middle East.

I was born 1950 in Kolding, Denmark. Now I am living in Lövestad, Sweden together with wife and Stella – our 4 kilo Chinese crested dog!

I am known as a harsh debater and speaker at many different events. I use a raw unpolished tone and I am never compromising when discussing serious political issues such as free speech and islamisation of the West. 

Constant work on the ground, at the hot-spots of misery, is one of my special experiences. In the end, it produces a very different political attitude than the elastic narratives of political correctness.

I am always open to new ideas and new alliances based on common conditions. It is important in this historical time, where narcissism has become normality, to avoid time consumers with own, hidden agendas – and of course people from the growing numbers of antisemits.   

For more information and direct contact to Hans Erling Jensen, please use one of following methods:

+46 707 85 57 50
+45 3151 2046

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