Dear Nina K Rosenwald

Oslo August 6, 2016

We haven\’t met or communicated, but at some point I think we would have. I am editor of Norway\’s largest alternative website, Last month we had some 220.000 unique users. We read and use gatestone a lot, and see its growing importance. We are grateful for your work.

That is why we care about your reputation. As well as our own.

\”We\” cannot afford to be implicated in stories that tarnish our reputation.

Ingrid Carlqvist has gained some prominence during the last month. She is audacious and bold, but exactly for that reason she must know how to walk a fine line.

Recently she advocated working with nazigroups in Sweden to staunch the islamic onslaught in Europe. At first this was a facebook-affair, but now the story has gained traction with a larger audience. The story is out in the open and knowing Sweden: It will not be forgotten. was one of the organizers of the conference with Jan Sjunnesson as driving force. When this story broke we asked him to make a choice: He would have to pull Ingrid from the programme, or we would resign. He chose to remove us and the Danish Free Press Society, who had the same objections to Ingrid. We then decided to withdraw completely from the conference.

I wrote to inform Douglas Murray and Hamed Abdel-Samad, who we publish. It would not be fair that they should be unaware. Hamed will not come. I don\’t know about Murray, but I guess he contacted Jan, because the day after Jan changed his mind and said Ingrid was out.

The Danes are attending. I am not. I don\’t think Jan has given an answer that shows he understands the seriousness of the situation.

We have translated Ingrid\’s words for your benefit.

At the center is the question: Who constitutes the nation? In my mind the nazis have no place in our nation. It is a total failure of judgement to even propose such a thing.

The nazi movement is much stronger in Sweden than the other Nordic countries. They are inveterate antisemites.

The climate being what it is in the West, I think you are entitled to be told, and not being led up the garden path.

We had 22/7 as a bitter experience, and believe me: if something happens – and it will at some point – they will throw everything they got against you.

But it is not just a question of tactics. We are not on the same side as Nazis. Period.


All the best

Hans Rustad


It is now out in the open. See these two articles, which we can translate for you, if you so wish:

Expo igår:

Med sådana vänner...

Detta är alltså ett brev från en angivare, som anser sig själv för att vara en seriös islamkritiker, men som här i sin iver efter att skada en vän – eller före detta vän måste det ju vara – användar Interasistmen och EXPO som källor i sin bevisföring!

Det är oseriöst. Det är samma källor som använts av fake media, vissa personer i SD ledningen och andra superior-tänkande individ, som vill åt sina inbillade antagonister för själva att kunna framstå i det godas ljus!




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